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ARCHIVE Number 13 Editor's Word

December, 2016.


Editor's Word


Dear readers,


We present the 13th issue of the e-GFOS journal to you. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Faculty of Civil Engineering Osijek, a series of social events was organized, so as a part of “social news,” we bring to you the ones that we have selected as the most important. In this Editor’s word, I will point out just a few of them that are related to those without whom this and similar institutions would not exist—students. For the fourth time in a row, and for the first time in the new building, an international students conference—International Summer Conference of Civil Engineering Students (ISUCCES)—was held; we are extremely proud of the fact that the conference was completely independently organized and conducted by our students. Moreover, this year the Faculty hosted the 20th Festival of Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek; the purpose of the festival is the timely introduction of high-school graduates and prospective students to degree programs offered by the University.


As can be expected, in addition to new spaces, the Faculty offers new content too. This year, for the first time, the study program of architecture was introduced and the first generation of students was enrolled, which will mark 2016 as an important year in the Faculty’s history. Furthermore, the office for projects, international cooperation, and cooperation with the business sector was established this year and commenced operations at the Faculty; the role of this office is to provide support to the employees in the writing and implementation of scientific projects. The e-GFOS journal also recorded progress that will particularly delight the authors of published papers—along with its existing listing in the CAB Abstract and INSPEC databases, this issue onward, the journal will be indexed in two additional databases: Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and Applied Science & Technology Source. We can therefore conclude that this was a very successful year for our institution, but the Faculty does not intend to stop here. We have plans to obtain accreditation of the laboratory, whose services the Faculty would then offer to the market, thus expanding its scope. Of course, the e-GFOS journal will strive for further progress too.


Dear readers, on behalf of the Editorial Board of e-GFOS, I wish you success in all your business plans for 2017 as well as a lot of love, happiness, and health in personal life. With a photo of the entire team of the e-GFOS journal in the spirit of the upcoming holidays, I cordially greet you on their behalf until the next issue.


Associate Professor Ivanka Netinger Grubeša




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